Italian New Year’s Eve traditions

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Italians love Christmas holiday and there are a lot of typical traditions of this period that have to be respected. Since we’re approaching end of the year, let’s discover what the most significant and important traditions are.

Most of these traditions are linked to superstitious gestures and they are considered auspicious for the New Year. So whether you spends this day at home with some friends, in a cabin in the mountains or in one of our villas for rent, be careful what you do!


Eating lentils

On the last day of the year make sure to eat some lentils. This legume brings good luck and, above all, it is the symbol of long life, as they have many nutritional properties. Usually lentils are the side dish that accompanies knuckle pork or sausage, two meat courses typical of this period.

Wearing red underwear

The origin of this tradition is not very clear, but during the Roman Empire red represented power, heart, health, fertility and fortune; also for the Chinese people the red color is synonymous with good fortune and good wishes, so that it is often used as decoration in weddings and other cerimonies.

During the last night of the year Italians have the habit of wearing something red, such as a dress, a tie, a shirt or even better red lingerie and underwear.


Eating grapes

Such as lentils, grapes also stands for abundance and wealth, then eating a few grapes is a good omen for the coming year. If you don’t have grapes, you can opt for the pomegranate, which is also a symbol of wealth and prosperity.


Watching the fireworks

We love fireworks: during the summertime many festivals are animated by this attraction and obviously New Year’s Eve can’t be no less so. In many Italian cities you can admire many fireworks shows to celecrate the arrival of the New Year and also to ward off evil spirits.


Kissing under the mistletoe

Among the most romantic traditions, definitely there is the kiss under the mistletoe. At midnight couples are invited to kiss each other under this plant, that is a symbol of love and fertility.