What to do in Italy with children

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 A holiday in Italy with your family

What to do in Italy with children? Are you planning a trip to our beautiful country with your family? Are you looking for some activities to do with your kids? In this article we want to give you some useful advice in order to spend pleasant days in Italy, during which your kids will have fun and they will discover some aspects of Italian culture.

We suggest some activities that you absolutely need to add to the things you should do when you’re on vacation.

1 – Eat, eat, eat

Italian food is one of the most famous and our kitchen is appreciated throughout the world. A journey in our country is a unique opportunity to let your children discover the flavors of our regions. In every Italian city you’ll find typical local specialties; not only pasta, pizza, and ice cream, but also many types of meat, vegetables and fish to delight your palate.

2 – Go see a football match

In Italy football is the national sport, so if your children are sport fans, going to the stadium can be interesting, especially to see the spectacle of the fans who support their favorite team. The main Italian cities like Rome, Milan, Genoa, Florence, Naples… have their main team who play in Serie A, i.e. the highest professional division of the Italian football championship.

3 – Choose one of the many theme parks

Another thing to do with kids regards the theme parks in Italy. In Italy we have many theme parks. Here are some of those that are worth a visit:

  • The park of Monsters of Bomarzo (Viterbo): the Bomarzo Park is another magical place to bring the kids. This place is characterized by giant sculptures of animals, monsters and fantastic buildings and it is one of the most popular attractions in Italy.
  • Italia in Miniatura (Rimini): that is the perfect way to visit Italy in a day. Italia in Miniatura is the representation of the most important Italian monuments in small size and a unique way to discover the geography and the beauty of our land to your children.
  • Genoa Aquarium: one of the most suitable attraction for kids, especially in summer, is Genoa and its aquarium. In Genoa there is the largest aquarium in Italy and the second largest in Europe after the one in Valencia. Here you can admire more than 15,000 animals belonging to over 400 species of fish, birds, reptiles, marine mammals…
  • Park of Pinocchio in Collodi (Pistoia): it is an educational park devoted entirely to the tale of Pinocchio. In this park kids can relive the experience of the fairy tale, meeting the Blue Fairy, Jiminy Cricket, the Fire Eater, the Cat and the Fox and the beautiful whale in which you can even enter.

parco di collodi

4 – Visit a museum

Another educational activities to do with kids if you are in Italy is visiting a museum. Italy offers artistic and cultural heritage unique. In addition to the Uffizi in Florence, the Egyptian Museum in Turin, the ruins of Pompeii, there are other museums specifically more suitable for children. These include the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci in Milan, a museum that houses many educational activities, workshops, interactive workshops with many proposals for children aged 2 to 12 years. Another example of child-friendly museum is the Explora – The Children’s Museum in Rome, where children are free to wander among the installations and exhibitions present. If your children are lovers of nature, you cannot miss the Museum of Natural History in Florence that organizes educational workshops and meetings to learn science and experiment.

Here is a small guide on what to do in Italy with the children when you are on vacation; obviously these are just some of the available activities. You’ve never been to Italy with your children? You have a few more tips to share with us? We would be very happy!