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 Emma Villas is an Italian Incoming Tour Operator.  It operates in the sector of weekly tourist rentals of luxury villas and country houses, with private pool, in many areas of Italy. To retrace the steps that have marked the evolution of the company you have to go back to 1979, the year in which the Agenzia Immobiliare MB (MB Real Estate) was established in its original office in Chiusi (Siena), a company which was later to become one of the most important and well known in the real estate market in central Italy. The birth of the company, with its original name, “Rent Tuscany”, dates back to the early years of this century, when it was the clients of the real estate agency themselves, reflecting the trends of the moment, who began to show a special interest in this exclusive tourist product. The focus on the burgeoning field of holiday rentals then led to the creation of the website totally dedicated to this business. The website, through heavy investment in advertising, led to an exponential increase in visibility, permitting contacts and reservations from clients from all over the world. The important partnerships that arose in the early years of the new millennium and the substantial promotion made in Europe and overseas gave rise to the real tourist change made later, precisely in July 2006, with the birth of the new company Emma Villas Srl (the name was given in honour of the owner’s niece of the same name).

 With the passage of time the activities and quality controls have been optimized, a staff present throughout the national territory has been formed and the properties, originally located only in Tuscany and Umbria, are now found all over Italy. It is also for these reasons that the company, at the beginning of 2013, on the occasion of its first significant television campaign, has updated the logo and domain, formalizing definitively the brand “EMMA VILLAS” and abandoning the name of “Rent Tuscany” which seemed to limit the supply to the region of Tuscany alone. The development of this important reality has been possible thanks to the work which all the staff have done for years with professionalism, dedication and perseverance and thanks to their strong desire not to disappoint the clients’ expectations, offering them a unique and unforgettable holiday in this land, so evocative and rich in beauty. An increasingly high standard of quality and the exclusivity of the proposed properties have been, from the outset, the essential strengths which have characterized Emma Villas over the years. In addition, the wide variety of accessory services, in which the company has specialized, year after year, has consistently given its clients the satisfaction of a complete holiday, created according to ones individual needs. Thanks to all this,  Emma Villas is now one of the largest Italian Incoming Tourist Operators, becoming Italian leader in the field of holiday rentals of villas and country houses in the Bel Paese.