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Madonne e Messeri che in Foligno vivete, dentro le mura o fuor per le campagne amene, udite! …

Madonnas and Messeri in Foligno you live within the walls or out to the countryside, listen to me!…

So starts the famous “Bando” of the Giostra della Quintana (photo by Silvio Ceccarelli) who, in his usual double-header of “Challenge” and “Revenge”, calls on the “whole city” to participate in the deeds of the Knights of the 10 districts. An appointment become now an inevitable Umbrian landscape that attracts tourists and onlookers. The Giostra della Quintana is a Jousting Tournament and a costumed historical event that takes place in Foligno. Generally “the challenge” is held on the second Sunday of June, with a night-time Edition, and “revenge” on the second Sunday in September with an afternoon Edition. The carousel is to make three laps (laps) in the ancient Stadium of Foligno (Campo de li games), now dedicated exclusively to Joust, in the shortest possible time, inserting galloping with a spear for each wave three rings pendants from right arm jutting out of the wooden statue of the God Mars “without penalty. The diameter of the ring decreases progressively in three rounds (rounds) of the giostra (8 cm, 6 cm, 5 cm). Jockeys race in 17th-century historical costumes on the evening before a historic procession unfolds in opulent historical costumes of the 17th century. ENJOY THE MAGIC OF QUINTANA BY RENTING ONE OF OUR VILLAS IN THE AREA FOR THE “REVENGE” OF SEPTEMBER!

Eremo delle Rocce (Umbria – Spoleto – Perugia)

Eremo delle Rocce (Hermitage of the Rocks) is an elegant house, a renovated 19th century noble residence which was built on one of the seven medieval hermitages of Spoleto, the Eremo dell’Annunziata.

Sleeps: 8+2

Enjoy the magic of Quintana

Enjoy the magic of Quintana

Il Casale di Pulcinella (Umbria – Marsciano – Perugia)

In a quiet hillside area in the heart of Umbria, stands Il Casale di Pulcinella. The park and pool overlook a landscape that alternates between hills covered by dense woods of holm oak and oak with glimpses of houses in centuries-old villages, with cultivations of vines, olives, sunflowers and wheat.

Sleeps: 8+2

Enjoy the magic of Quintana

Enjoy the magic of Quintana

Val Di Marco (Umbria – Valfabbrica – Perugia)

An old 18th century house, a refuge far from the busy city, immersed in a 60-hectare farm estate consisting of arable land, orchards, olive groves and pristine woodland that offer close contact with nature – this is Val di Marco, a typical Umbrian farmhouse that fully reflects the spirit of rural homes.

Sleeps: 12+8

Enjoy the magic of Quintana

Enjoy the magic of Quintana