Easter holidays: stays in Italy from 3 nights with Emma Villas!

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What better occasion for anticipating the summer holidays than the period which coincides with Easter?

The Christian Easter (or Easter of Resurrection) is the principle Christian holiday which  celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. This annual celebration falls between the months of March and April.

But how does the Christian Church decide on which Sunday Easter will fall?

This is a very simple “calculation”. Starting from the spring equinox, which occurs between March 20 and 21, we look for the day of the full moon: the following Sunday will be Easter Day.

Depending on the day of the full moon, Easter is defined as low (if it occurs between March 22 and April 2), medium (between April 3 and 13) or high (between April 14 and 25).

In 2019 Easter Sunday will be April 21, so Easter this year is high!

The Easter holidays in Italy are the perfect occasion for getting a taste of summer!
“Monday of the Angel”

Easter Monday (April 22 this year) is known in Italy as “Monday of the Angel”. This name derives from the meeting that three women, having reached the tomb of Jesus with aromatic oils to embalm His body, had with an angel who asked the famous phrase: “Why do you search among the dead He who is alive?”.

Easter Day and Easter Monday are two days celebrated in many countries of the world when families take the opportunity of enjoying together the first hints of the coming summer.

To celebrate this important occasion, Emma Villas has decided to promote short stays for all those who decide to spend Easter in Italy.
Three, four, five, six nights or even a whole week: this is the wide range offered by the Tour Operator for them to spend their Easter holidays in the most beautiful country in the world: Italy!

The Easter page, with all the possibilities for spending Easter with your loved ones in Italy,  is already online on the EmmaVillas.com website. A unique opportunity for organising a family holiday and for meeting up with relatives whom you may not have the opportunity to see very often!