The great Emma Villas Tour closes in Catania: 500 participants in the 6 stages!

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Time to take stock of the great Emma Villas Tour: 500 people for 300 properties have participated in the six stages, from North to South.

Today, Friday May 25, at the 4 Points Sheraton Hotel in Catania, the sixth and final stage of the Emma Villas Tour 2018 took place. The concrete presentation of the company format was brilliantly illustrated by President Bisogno who welcomed the owners with whom he exchanged a pleasant couple of words before conducting the convention of both sessions.

“We have been able to understand and improve some aspects with the old owners while, regarding the new owners, we have been able to convince them that we are a concrete reality in this sector” – comments Alverio Leone, Acquisitions Manager of Emma Villas Sicilia, at the end of the first session – “Important investments will be made to increase our portfolio and to provide our clients with exclusive services for their stay in our villas”.

Alverio Leone, Sicily Commercial Responsible

Alverio Leone, Sicily Commercial Responsible

At the end of both sessions, the owners remained for a workshop with the Emma Villas staff, a moment of important discussion for both the current owners and the potential ones.

“A wonderful organization that has never given us any problems” – concludes Carmelo Palazzolo, owner of Antica Dimora Grimaudo – “ but which has guaranteed perfect implementation even during difficulties”.

In these two sessions in Catania, too, the owners gave their impressions, conclusions and thoughts about the session that had just ended, congratulating the staff for the excellent work done.

“The data collected at the end of the six stages is very important and makes it clear to us that this is a developing sector and gives us strong incentives to continue.” – concludes, visibly satisfied, President Bisogno – “This, too, has been a very interesting experience because it concludes an important phase. Sicily is a region in which we are expanding, looking to achieve satisfactory results. The owners are serious people, willing to work and to do well.”

The Emma Villas company intends to thank again all the owners who took part in the Emma Villas Tour 2018, showing professionalism and continuous and constant participation. To them goes all our best wishes for the forthcoming season.

Giammarco Bisogno, CEO di Emma Villas Tour Operator

Giammarco Bisogno, Emma Villas Tour Operator CEO