EXPO MILAN 2015: live the event of the year by booking your stay with Emma Villas

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The Universal Exposition (Expo 2015), this year will take place in Milan from May 1st to October 31st. This is only the latest one of a series of Expos, which has been held from 1851, year of the Great Exhibition at the Crystal Palace of London strongly wanted by Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, to present the latest inventions and improvement in the technological field. Undoubtedly, the most famous Exhibit is the 1889’s, when France ruled by Napoleon III, celebrating the centenary of the Storming of the Bastille, decided to finance an exhibit in order to celebrate the improvement of technology. The most important symbol of this event of course the Eiffel Tower of the famous architect Gustave Eiffel (that later on will also build the internal structure of the Liberty Statue).


The Expo during the decades has become the manifesto of innovations in technology, in arts, and in the general science of knowledge, and this year it will be hosted in the beautiful city of Milan, one of the most relevant cities during the Renaissance thanks to the prestige of the noble Sforza family. For six months Milan will coordinate 144 different countries, 20 regions, 16 organizations and 4 companies, and 20 million people are expected to participate at this huge event. Expo’s main topic is “Nourishing the Planet – Energy for Life” and wants to include everything that concerns nutrition and food, from the lack of food in some areas of the world, to food education, and the GMO products. Expo Milan will be the occasion for debates, ideas and most importantly for sharing solutions on food issues. It will encourage imagination among countries and it will promote/support innovations for an eco-friendly future. In addition, Expo Milan will also give you the chance to experience the agricultural and culinary traditions of all the countries involved in it. For all the duration of the Expo, Milan will be the perfect stage for musicals, shows, creative labs and exhibitions. Emma Villas invites you all not to miss this international event, which can be a great chance for visiting our beautiful Country. Expo is the perfect moment not only to visit Milan, but also the rest of Italy, which is very worth seeing, at least once in a lifetime! Our villas cover all the Italian territory: from North to South, from the beautiful Piedmont to the legendary Sicily. Our operators will be glad to offer you the holiday of your dreams by helping you rent the most suitable property according to your needs and desires. Emma Villas can also provide you with several additional services: from infos on the Expo, to private transfers, excursions, wine tours, private guided tours, gourmet tours, and also a wide range of  services available in the villas as well (cooking classes, wine tasting with professional sommelier, in villa massage, Pilates /yoga lessons and many more).

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