Infiorata di Spello: a dream by Emma Villas!

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The infiorata of Spello is an event that takes place every year in the Umbrian town on the occasion of the feast of Corpus Christi (ninth Sunday after Easter). The flowers man working an entire night to produce carpets and paintings of flowers that wind through the streets of the historic centre of the picturesque village intended to honor the passing of the body of Christ, carried in procession by the Bishop on Sunday morning. The result is a path of about 1.5 miles with over sixty different alternating with flowers.The custom of honoring the divinity with floral or material launches ground making floral arrangements is lost in the mists of time in many places, but in Spello this tradition, which is launching canalizzò, then pose for art on the road, plant elements is documented in the archives of the municipality for the first time in 1831.

Unlike other similar events, the flowers man of Spello realize the magnificent carpets on the ground using fresh flowers collected in nature, possibly dried. It is allowed the use of different plant parts from the flower (in particular, leaves and berries) but to a lesser extent to the floral component. It is forbidden the use of wood in any form or of any kind of synthetic material. The flower can be used whole, but in most cases, you would use the petals, carefully separated from fresh or dried flower, sometimes chopped but not made powder. So the leaves can be used fresh or dried and chopped but not powdery. Drying must be carried out in the Sun in a natural way. These plant materials represent the colors that made the various carpets and are meticulously collected and prepared in the phase called capatura by infioratori from months before the event.



Casale dei Bombi (Umbria – Giano dell’Umbria/Montefalco – Perugia)

Casale dei Bombi owes its curious name to the passion of the owners’ son for tomatoes which, as a child, he called “bombi”. It is a house in which the excellent finishing touches and simple, comfortable décor reflect the owners’ refined taste and their desire to preserve the authenticity of what was once an old stable, as can be seen by the iron bars, still visible in the living room, to which the oxen were once tied.

Sleeps: 6

Sleeps: 8

Lasciati rapire dal fascino delle Infiorate di Spello

Lasciati rapire dal fascino delle Infiorate di Spello


Eremo delle Rocce (Umbria – Spoleto – Perugia)

Eremo delle Rocce (Hermitage of the Rocks) is an elegant house, a renovated 19th century noble residence which was built on one of the seven medieval hermitages of Spoleto, the Eremo dell’Annunziata. Just 4 km from the historic town centre of Spoleto and its famous cathedral

Sleeps: 8+2

Lasciati rapire dal fascino delle Infiorate di Spello