Fourth success in Pesaro for the Emma Villas Tour 2018!

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The Emma Villas Tour concludes its fourth stage at the Hotel Excelsior in Pesaro.

Friday, April 20 at the Hotel Excelsior in Pesaro the fourth event of the Emma Villas Tour 2018 was held, which is by now a concrete reality of the presentation of the company format coordinated by the great charisma of President Bisogno who welcomed the owners with whom he exchanged a couple of words before the start of both sessions.


“This morning saw the participation of many owners satisfied with our activity” – concluded at the end of the first session Settimio Marchei, Acquisitions Manager of Emma Villas Marche – “We had a nice surprise in the afternoon session: the turnout was higher than expected and the owners are becoming convinced that investing in Emma Villas is the right choice.”

At the end of both sessions, the owners remained for a workshop with the Emma Villas staff, a moment of important discussion both for the present owners and for those who wish to enter this prestigious circuit.

“An important meeting to help us understand the work behind a ‘simple’ booking.” – comments Margherita Silvestri, owner of Val Di Marco – “Emma Villas pampers us and gives us various suggestions regarding the reception and management of the client. Having someone to guide us on this path is very important.”

As in Milan, Florence and Rome, here, too, in the “town of Pomodoro” the owners lingered  in front of the large backdrop of the Emma Villas Tour 2018 to give their impressions, conclusions and thoughts about the session that had just ended.


“I am very pleased to have frequented this stage in Pesaro because there are two regions, Emilia Romagna and the Marche, which have been winning bets for Emma Villas as we have wanted to invest in them right from the beginning. And so this day has been particularly gratifying: both regions have given us a lot, above all the faith put in Emma Villas by our owners” – concludes President Bisogno – “For this fourth stage, too,  I can only confirm a positive balance both from the point of view of the current owners, because it has been an opportunity to unite us further, and of the potential owners who, thanks to these events, are given the opportunity to get to know us as a company and, even more, as people.”

Indeed, after the great success of the four stages in Milan, Florence, Rome and Pesaro, the Emma Villas Tour 2018 will continue until the end of May, first in Lecce (May 4) and concluding with the final stage in Catania on May 25.