The Sascha & Silke “with view” wedding!

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Getting married in Italy. So a wedding does work – it was aware. 

When we decided to get married in Italy we knew that will make more work. And then we found Emma Villas. In a first step we choosed the villa – Il Belpoggio su Todi. Emma Villas gave us an appointment. shortly after we made the reservation, we received a mail from Rossana – a very friendly staff member of Emma Villas.

Her colleagues had informed her that we booked the Villa due to a wedding. Rossana has been with Emma Villas as a wedding planer and offered us to support us in all our projects for free, we could not really believe first. A wedding planner for free? But it was actually like that. This is in the service of Emma Villas included. She organized us over the months a complete catering including staff, the free speaker and fixed booking with a local florist. Only to the hairdresser we took care of ourself.

And then it was there, our big day. In our thoughts we had a certain idea of our dream wedding. And we have to say, this was exceeded. To celebrate a wedding in a small circle with 18 adults and 5 kids, while spending a week together on such a wonderful place of this earth – for us it was something special.

Everything, wich was organized, worked. It was a perfect day. Thank you Emma Villas, thank you Rossana, thank you all. We love you.

Sascha & Silke