Antica Querciolaia thermal pools: wellness and relax with Emma Villas

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The Terme Antica Querciolaia wellness centre offers its clients a wide array of treatments aimed at recovering a perfect psycho-physical form; beauty treatments for the face and body, massages based on Oriental and Western traditions for aesthetic and healing purposes.

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Thanks to the thermal springs of differentiated temperatures, according to the season and to the most appropriate spa program selected, our clients can take advantage of a system of indoor and outdoor pools at temperatures that vary between 22° – 25°, 30° – 34° and 39° – 49° C. Recent enhancements to the spa – covered pools, larger common spaces, renewed park surrounding the outdoor pools – make the entire complex even more enjoyable.

1) Thermal Toning itinerary

Querciolaia Hammam and Biosauna
Total Body Thermal Toning Massage
Therapeutic thermal pools (daily entrance)  77,00 euro
Querciolaia Hammam and Biosauna : Turkish bath multijet shower, Cold mist shower and Biosauna
Total Body Thermal Toning Massage : Massage treatment for a toning, relaxing and decontracting action, applying the most attentive massage therapy techniques for a focused and deep action that returns mobility and harmony to muscles and articulation, exalting the efficacy of mud therapy.

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2) The zeolite way to wellbeing

Querciolaia Hammam and Biosauna
Relaxing Bath and Total Body Massage
Therapeutic thermal pools (daily entrance) 92,00 euro
Zeolite Relaxing bath: Relaxing and detoxifying thermal bath. Thanks to the important trace elements which are contained in zeolite, this bath helps to rid your skin of toxins and free radicals, giving it renewed glow and smoothness.
Revitalising Anti-Stress Massage: Synthesis of the different massage techniques, this extremely relaxing massage is performed with essential oils and fills the entire body with a charge of energy.

3)  One Day Antistress

Medical examination
Thermal Mud Body Treatment
Zeolite Relaxing bath
Relaxing AromaBody Thermal Treatment
Therapeutic thermal pools (daily entrance) 111 euro
Thermal Mud Body Treatment Total-body thermal mud treatment at 47°C followed by thermal hydro-massage with clay salts.
Relaxing AromaBody Thermal Treatment In the 5th century B.C., Hippocrates and natural medicine proclaimed the efficacy of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy, and the Aromatherapeutic Thermal Massage in particular, are ideal solutions that instil a diffused sense of wellness and relaxation. The body and mind relax, and the beauty of your skin and that of your entire figure benefit.

4)One Day SPA relax

Medical examination
Zeolite Relaxing bath
Thermal Dew Shower Massage
Relaxing Thermal Treatment
Querciolaia Hammam and Biosauna
Therapeutic thermal pools (daily entrance) 171,00 euro


Regenerating Body Peeling 100% Nature New natural skin regenerating treatment for an extraordinarily smooth and compact skin and newfound softness and elasticity. In this treatment, the properties of thermal water are combined with those of integral sea salts and white clay, enriched with selected essential citrus oils for an exfoliating action that stimulates cell renewal and deeply nourishes the skin. Optimal pre-sun treatment. Ideal preparation for any spa beauty and wellness treatment.

Thermal Dew Shower Massage To recover a deep, satisfying and lasting sensation of relaxation and wellness, together with a pleasant toning and energizing action. The use of prized essential oils and the natural energy and healthiness of Thermal Water, sprayed as a fine mist on the body, together with the expert art of hand massage, make this treatment one of the most enjoyable and healthful of Thermal Wellness.

Thermal Relax Massage Total body massage performed with enveloping movements that favour a deep sense of relaxation and at the same time the awakening of vital energies. Eliminates fatigue and tension caused by daily stress and stimulates a long-lasting sense of wellness and relaxation.


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Conca d’Oro (Tuscany – Foiano della Chiana – Arezzo)

Built entirely of stone and characterized, in the cosy interior, by typical terracotta floors and wooden-beamed ceilings, Conca d’Oro is a pretty house, tastefully furnished with lots of accessories, situated just outside Foiano della Chiana, a lively borgo with a long history located in the centre of the Val di Chiana, between the provinces of Arezzo and Siena and on the border with Umbria. 

Sleeps: 4


Casa Elia (Tuscany – San Casciano dei Bagni – Siena)

Casa Elia has been recently renovated with materials of typical Tuscan taste with the addition of the best mod cons, all in an exclusive setting.

Sleeps: 4+2

Sleeps: 7+3


Sferracavalli (Tuscany – Sarteano – Siena)

Sferracavalli is a delightful little villa just outside Sarteano, a picturesque medieval borgo full of architectural masterpieces, located on the slopes of Mount Cetona south of Siena, between the southern Val di Chiana and the harsh and wild Val d’Orcia and very close to the regional borders of Lazio and Umbria.

Sleeps: 4